Blog Action Day: Climate Change

Today is Blog Action Day, as I find out here. Theme is climate change, currently my pet subject. In fact I don’t like to write on call… But I want to join Blog Action Day with this theme…

Thus only some link tips, how we could act against climate change in daily routine…

- chose products with e.g. these labels

- buy CO2 neutral clothes or recycled products and Biocotton

- be well informed about sustainability

- see eco could be esthetic in all areas

Now I will keep a promise and – as I hope – have a climate friendly look on a master thesis without hard copy, but – I’m sorry for this – with electricity on the notebook. What’s better hard copy or electricity? Don’t know… Bye!

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  1. Kirsten sagt:

    Danke für die Links! Viele Grüße! Kirsten

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